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From Suzanne Taylor, Coordinator

Suzanne Taylor

I am a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of NYU, where my challenge was to set the curves on my tests. I wrote The Anybody Can Make It Everybody Will Love it Cookbook, and am a mean chef. I had a one woman show for my post impressionist paintings.

I am a member of Threshold Foundation, an organization of philanthropists who fund progressive projects and causes, and have served as chair of the Agenda Committee that plans the four and five day gatherings held several times each year.

Since becoming a filmmaker, I have been a speaker at several conferences and have done perhaps 100 radio shows, some of them more than once. I was on camera for the pledge drive showing of my crop circle documentary, What On Earth?, on a Colorado PBS station, and have organized and hosted two series of webinars for Evolver Intensives.

My home, in Los Angeles, is a gathering place for progressive activists. For years, I’ve produced events and projects about the great shift of consciousness sweeping through humanity that’s opening our minds to a bigger reality than the one in which we are so violent with one another and so destructive to the planet. I am of an old school, where graciousness and active hosting were the rule. No potlucks in my domain, where people aren’t just observers but presence themselves personally.

People have become so computer oriented that we lack for community interaction that used to exist among fellow seekers and servers. TEDx West Hollywood can be a vehicle for high-minded people to connect. I intend to produce regular events to keep the community evolving.

From Scott Balanda, Co-Coordinator and Event Manager

ScottBalandaThroughout the last decade, as an educator and geographer, I’ve striven to educate children about the critical significance of global warming and climate change, while inspiring them to adopt a new worldview which would bring real-world solutions to these issues.

What an extraordinary experience it was to have my 7th and 8th graders, who were members of my after-school club, S.O.L.A.R. (Saving Our Land Against Repercussions), acquire new ways to perceive the world, which allowed them to develop smart remedies to the problems. Tree plantings, waterway cleanups, community education, and social advocacy were a few of their accomplishments. The club’s extraordinary successes inspired me to include these objectives in my regular classes, curriculum creation, and roles as Social Studies Department Chairperson and Union Steward.

I am an alumni of Florida Atlantic University, where I obtained degrees in geography and secondary education, and was one of only two students inducted into Gamma Theta Upsilon, the Geographical Honor Society. I have extensive experience and study in European Geography, Latin American Geography, Urban Planning, Cultural Geography, Environmental Science, Public Relations, Human Rights, Event Planning/Production, Tourism, and I’m adept at new technology. My expertise and interests align very well with coordinating our TEDxWestHollywood event.

My 7th and 8th grade inner-city students being able to formulate such rich ideas, which spread throughout the school and community, has inspired me to take my message to the global stage. On moving to Los Angeles, in 2011, I stepped into a circle of like-minded people who are concerned about a new paradigm in which we heal our imperiled planet. I am proud to assist Suzanne in her ongoing endeavors, which now include TEDxWestHollywood!

From Joan Hangarter, Co-Coordinator and Web Designer

cropped joan1After eighteen years of running a large chiropractic office in Berkeley, California, an injury forced me to shift my focus from practicing chiropractic to speaking, inspiring, motivating and consulting. Utilizing my background as a chiropractor, combined with a masters in counseling, I developed my unique perspective combining the mind, body, and spirit for preventive health and wellness care. I currently act as a business and personal consultant helping individuals and businesses achieve their visions.

I am the author of The Miracle Makers Club – Live The Prosperous and Soul-Filled Life That You Deserve Today, Make Your Life A Miracle, and Keys To Building an Amazing Practice for Chiropractors. After a successful battle against a large insurance company, launching a fifty-state investigation into their corrupt business practices and a 60 Minutes expose, I hosted an on-line radio show, Make Your Miracle Today.

I believe we are on the verge of a major shift in consciousness, going from the “I” to the “we,” where our communities become as important as ourselves. I am excited to be working with TEDxWestHollywood because it will be an opportunity to explore and encourage that perspective.

Cyrene Houdini, Broadcast Technical Producer/Director

cyrene Houdini

cyrene Houdini

Cyrene Houdini, who is masterminding our audio/video and our streaming, is multi-talented as a dancer, choreographer, magician, escape artist, and filmmaker, with a current focus on live streaming and using leading edge video technologies.She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, MSNBC, Univision, and Dangerous Escapes. She was theLive Stream Broadcast Technical Producer for GATE 3. She currently is producing Light-N Up, a groundbreaking “good news” show for the N-Light-N-TV Network.

Cyrene started her career in films creating visual effects on feature films including Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Producer Robert Zemeckis), Superman IV (Director Christopher Reeves), Captain EO (with Michael Jackson, Director Francis Ford Coppola), and on tele-features including The Mission on Amazing Stories (Producer George Lucas), and Little Match Girl (Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg).

She produced and directed Flipping the Joy Switch, Teaching Corporate America the Law of Attraction, and Vermont Bio Fuels, spotlighting cutting edge research on corn.

Cyrene produced and sound engineered Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution, an audio book, and currently is working on an audio book series, Elliot: The Return to Roswell.

Her career and life mission? “I am dedicated to bringing positive change to the world through Multi-Media… Magically, of course!”

Rick Stoff, Team Member

Rick Stoff

Director of Business Partnerships, joined Chrysalis in 2004 after 15 years in the trade association business managing groups of small publishers and representing them at industry events. Prior to that, Rick was the president of Progressive Resources, a marketing consulting firm for the gaming industry. In his 9 years at Chrysalis, Rick has become the lead person for business outreach. A native of Queens, NY, Rick received his BA from the University of North Carolina.

Chrysalis’ mission is to create a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment. Chrysalis is the only independent nonprofit organization in Los Angeles County exclusively dedicated to assisting this population to overcome barriers and to ultimately obtain and maintain employment.

Christopher Mack, Team Member

Christopher Mack

Christopher Mack

Christopher Mack is a native of Los Angeles and has lived here his entire life.

Christopher has worked for J.W.C.H, a non-profit medical health care provider in the Skid-Row area in downtown LA, for the last ten years. In those years he has worked on projects ranging from HIV counseling and testing, to helping the homeless population with severe disabilities that qualify for social security to get benefits. When he walks the streets of LA, he is the guy singing songs to anyone who will listen.

Christopher has his own company, Dynamics of Recovery, and is writing a book about his experiences and insights into recovering from any addiction and how to lead a more fulfilling, joyful life. He speaks many times a week to groups of sincere people ready to start their lives over again.

 Wanda Webster, Team Member

Wanda Webster

Wanda Webster

Wanda Webster has spent the last ten years working with non profits and companies that are committed to empowering children and adults.  She has a Master’s in Education and Psychology from Pepperdine University where she graduated with honors. Wanda has written powerful spiritual programs that teach us how to make better choices in life by going deep within and taking responsibility for our actions and behaviors.

Currently she is with Evolve the Planet Foundation as its event coordinator and curriculum specialist. Paramahansa Jagadish, The Master of Spiritual Transformation and Healing, founded the organization to raise consciousness around the world and to heal the planet and all living beings.

Elizabeth England, Team Member

tnElizabeth England owns Longevity Pure Medicine, a distributor of combination homeopathic remedies developed by internationally-known experts, Dr. Trevor Cook of England, Dr. Ernst Rocher of Germany, Dr. Max Tetau of France and John Borneman, RPh., of the USA. A champion for the growth and understanding of homeopathy, Longevity has user-friendly combination remedies as safe alternatives to treat 13 common conditions with self-explanatory, easy to understand names: Acne, Aches & Pains, Cold & Flu, Headache, Antacid, BeEnergized, BeLite, Hayfever, Sinus, Female Essential, Arthritis, Cough & Sore Throat, and Relaxagent.

Elizabeth actively advocates for spreading the knowledge of the ‘wisdom keepers’ among us by providing gifted ‘cultural creatives’ with technical, social media, and digital content consultation. She is an advocate for recreating our relationship to ourselves and our planet through her support of the Earth Harmony Foundation’s Veterans’ PTSD Project with Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt, and the One World One Ocean project with Eco-Designer Aros Crystos.



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